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Town House Bar of New York
A Cocktail Party Every Night!

That’s our atmosphere - a cocktail party every night - where one sees good friends and acquaintances, meets new people, and sometimes even meets someone with whom he falls in love.   Many matches have been made at the TownHouse over the past twenty years, when we opened as New York City's only truly elegant gay bar, catering to upscale, professional gay clientele.

With three bars under one roof (Our Main Bar, Piano Room Bar, and Club Room Bar), there is usually something for everyone; those just wanting to talk to friends and contemporaries, a younger person on the search for an older person (or visa-versa), or simply a place to relax after work. Listen to our regular top notch piano players, or if you'd like, sing solo or with others on our open microphone with the pianist's accompaniment. Unwind after a day at work. Happy Hour is daily from 4:00 to 8:00 PM with reduced drink prices. Enjoy our truly elegant atmosphere, while sipping on one of our generously-sized drinks.

Three Boys
After twenty years of pleasing our clientele, we have become internationally known through positive word of mouth and the internet, so quite often you will meet visitors from other countries, but one common denominator always prevails: the clientele are always gentlemen and easy to talk to.

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