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One of my favorite gay bars in the city. Not over-crowded, strong drinks, and reasonable prices. There was a wide range of ages there when I visited.
Nick Maas
05:13 02 Aug 18
A Manhattan landmark for decades. Pure class. Gorgeous men.
Peter Gumaer Ogden
22:30 12 Sep 18
I love this place. Always go there when I visit NY. The patrons and employees are very friendly.
Corey W
00:15 12 Jun 18
Nice and professional. After going to my favorite barber shop on 222 east 58th with my friends, we decided to stop by for a drink and really like it.i live in 10022 NYC, now i have best bar and best barbershop nearest to me. coming back in couple weeks
Ariel X.
18:49 08 Nov 17
Still the only civilised bar in Manhattan. Wonderful.
David Powell-Cameron
11:57 07 Dec 18
One of my favorite places when I’m in the city!
Jim Duke
16:08 10 Dec 18
The Townhouse, a New York institution at this point, but never, ever shows it’s age. Cosmopolitan, sexy, but always with a welcoming neighborhood pub feel and on Saturday nights, they’ve got Rick at the piano!Everybody singing, some good, some not, but when they write stories about piano bars in NY,the Townhouse, is an experience no one should miss! New York, at its best!
Michael Killorin
20:38 29 Dec 18
This is my favorite bar when I visit NYC. Depending on the day of the week it can be quite quiet or crowded and lively. There's always entertainment but it's also a gay bar where you can also hold a conversation. There's a lively mix of age and types - and yes, there's a fair share of "gold diggers" but they're in the minority. Take it for what it is - a friendly, neighborhood gay bar that's a fun place to spend an evening.
Carl White
15:14 12 Jan 19
Nice atmosphere and good drinks
David Miller
04:07 15 Jan 19

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