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Townhouse Featured in Hornet - 30 Years of Daddy Hunting

From the article:

Following Michael Lucas’s surprise announcement that he’ll no longer star in adult films come 2019, we couldn’t help but wonder, are gay men in their 50s and 60s still having sex? “You bet they are,” says Michael Grummons, co-owner of Townhouse, New York City’s upscale lounge that has long been the watering hole of the city’s mature gay set … and the guys who like them. In fact, while many of Gotham’s leading bars and clubs have fallen victim to a changing gay scene, Townhouse is celebrating 30 years this month.

“If you come here any night of the week, you’ll see tons of older gay men looking for action,” Grummons laughs. “They’re not ready to hand in their gay cards just yet.”

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